About Umbra Sports


Umbra Sports is a high-end women’s activewear retailer with more than 5.000 products (clothing and sports accessories), and new lines added every week. Umbra Sports offers quality products inspired by the latest fashion trends at an affordable price.

We carry ready-to-wear outfits from a new perspective; we offer a fresh and unique mix of femininity with a modern edge. From the season’s must-haves to essential items, every active woman can combine contemporary designs with prime quality and exceptional craftsmanship. We equip women of all ages with the fashion they need, not just for their workouts, but for all elements of their life.

Our brands work with designers that pride themselves on possessing a thorough understanding of fabric, form and fit. They know that activewear clothing serve a purpose and must be functional, but also that how a garment makes the wearer feel is paramount. We strive to research how the body moves in the outfit, how they feel to the touch and how they work for the mind.

Our global perspective combined with an unparalleled customer focus, makes Umbra Sports a truly unique online destination.


Our mission is to empower females globally to be confident in themselves and be who they want to be. We offer versatile pieces that can be worn separately or matched, we invite you to create a look that is effortless, confident, and undeniably yours.


Umbra Sports officially launched in 2008 with headquarters in Miami, FL. The company was born in partnership with two Brazilian sportswear manufacturers. Twelve years on, the brand has evolved into a stalwart of the fashion in sports and activewear landscape.

From the beginnings as a small distributor, Umbra Sports has quickly expanded to become a truly global company. Between 2015 and 2019, we acquired several small companies (Nelasportswear.com, Moms for Fitness LLC, MojaveSports.com, and Iodum Sportswear), and merged them into our brand. creating an online retailer, sourcing unique, high quality products from the most exciting designers in the the industry.


  1. We screen the brands that we choose to partner with and analyze the vision and work of their designers. We handpick their best items for you at the most competitive prices.
  2. Our brands only create finite quantities of their products, discontinuing most of them within 60 days. We also have access to limited collections, meaning you will probably be one of just a handful of people owning a specific item from us.
  3. With a focus on quality above trends, our products are made to last overtime and can be worn or used season after season.
  4. All our products are manufactured in the US, Colombia and Brazil. We scrutinize our brands and ensure a fair and transparent supply chain, meaning nothing we sell is made in sweatshops.
  5. We support small, independent brands to ensure that their designers can keep on innovating on functionality while maintain our “motto”: Wear and Forget. Wear it and forget the fitting part because our products molds per the physique of wearer.