Fitness Training for Women

Fitness Training for Women

When it comes to fitness training, women are at a serious disadvantage. Don’t get mad or take this the wrong way. It’s not like there’s any discrimination… actually I can see women taking over the gyms of the world one day. After all, you as a woman care much more about your fitness than any man does. So you might be wondering why then are women at this serious disadvantage? Because women are told by BIG businesses and by all these fitness hucksters that weight training is bad for you. That it makes you big… bulky… more manly. Pretty much that it will take away your feminism. And then women are constantly having to deal with the whole model industry.

Think about it… what we see in big media is not really how real women look. Heck, it’s not even how models look. And of course, premier models only represent a VERY small percentage of women today, almost minuscule. Let’s take the average American woman: height is 5’5 and weight is 140-145 lbs, now let’s consider the model at the average height of 5’11 and a weight of 115 lbs… healthy? No. So you as a woman are being misled by marketers telling you that weight training is bad for you and on top of that the model industry is giving you the completely wrong impression of what a real woman is. 

How should you train as a woman?

 Let’s get one thing straight from the very beginning. You know this already, but I’ll say it anyway… Women have estrogen as their main feminine hormone while men have testosterone. Testosterone is the muscle-building hormone and since women have 10-30% less of it than men getting big is pretty much out of the question. And then of course the estrogen plays a part to… causing the body to have more body fat than guys, more curves, and less muscle building capacity. It’s because of these hormones that you will never… ever… get huge like a man when lifting weights. And if you want:

-A tight lean body…

-A consistently high metabolism…

-The energy that’s off the charts…

-To be in a naturally happier mood…

-Plus so much more… Then your fitness training must contain some weight training. Besides weight training how else should a woman train? Well, you’re going to learn about it in this article… weight training, circuit training, core training, interval training… and about no training (you’ll see what I mean).

Weight Training for Women:

**Weight training is vital for the human body. And it’s becoming more and more vital as we become more and more of a sedentary species. That means that we don’t move around like we use to and we don’t do as much (if any) manual labor. Because of this, our bodies will actually breakdown our muscle fibers and use them for energy and this has some big-time negative impacts.

One – it slows down our metabolism.

Two – it causes our bodies to collect more body fat.

Three – It drastically lowers our energy levels and physical strength.

Four – It leads to many injuries and chronic diseases as you age. Sounds pretty bad huh? As a woman, you never have to worry about weight training making you big. It’s impossible and the women who you see are big… well unfortunately they are guilty of steroids or using human growth hormones. Your muscles as a woman just can’t grow like a man’s. You can still get a more muscular look… but it’s something the most women would kill for… Because strength training builds new muscle fiber, you metabolism grows higher and higher. This means that your body becomes a fat-burning machine in and out of the gym. And when your metabolism is high, so is your energy.

 **Muscle fiber needs more energy to stay alive and if you keep the right diet then you’ll notice that it only has one place to get the energy it needs… your body fat. But what happens when your body fat is at low and safe levels… where does the energy come from then? Great question… well at this point you have to simply eat more of the right foods. That means you actually get to eat more food and look great. The positive effect of all of this means that your energy is high… your mood is much better… your confidence is through the roof… and your self-esteem is booming. Building feminine muscle is truly capable of all that!

**That’s why weight training is important and that’s why if you want to really change your body and have a fitness lifestyle… if you want to get what we call… Feminine Ripped… then you have to add weight training to your fitness training regimen.

Circuit Training for Women:

I’m going out of order, but I don’t think you’ll mind… not that there really is an order.

**Circuit training is one powerful form of physical training. This can be one of your best friends and give you some really fast results. Circuit training is essentially doing specific exercises at a rapid pace… back to back. These exercises form a circuit of exercises and you typically do a circuit three times, five times… or sometimes as many times as you can. So what makes circuit training so powerful? Because it not only works your muscular system (meaning it helps to grow new muscle fiber) but it also works your cardiovascular system. The bottom line with circuit training, and we’re changing the way we train because of this, is that you should toss in a great circuit at least once a week instead of a typical weight training routine.

Interval Training for Women:

I’m going to go into interval training next and this is something that’s beyond important. If you’re like most women already then you probably love your treadmill. In fact, you probably love your treadmill too much and whether you know it or not… it’s causing your body some heartache. Well, interval training can be done on a treadmill and what really great about it is it doesn’t take as long… but… it’s much more intense and beneficial. What happens is this… You start at a steady jog… then ramp it up to a faster run… drop it down to a slow jog… ramp it up to a near sprint… drop it down… ramp it up… drop in down… ramp it up… etc… The whole idea here is to get your heart rate fast… then slow… and on and on. The benefit of that is your body can’t adjust to the stresses you’re placing on it and you burn more calories. When you run at a steady-state, your body adapts and conserves its calories (it’s energy)… but again when you go up and down… up and down your body can’t adapt and your burn maximum calories. And since your pace is more intense you only have to do a good interval training session for 20 minutes tops. No more 45 minutes plus runs on the treadmill.

Core Training for Women:

Almost done with this long article… but onto core training. Traditional media… aka… TV will have you believe that doing a core workout is all about getting a six-pack. This is a great example of another myth being spread to you… and ruining your chances of seeing real results. A good core workout really has nothing to do with getting a six-pack, but none the less it’s still very important. Your core is one of your body’s main support systems. Did you know that your stomach muscles wrap from your gut… all the way back and connect to your spin? That’s why having a strong midsection is so important. It literally brings your upper body and lower body together. It provides you with good posture… and posture is really really important. It also gives stability so you can rotate, twist, pick something up all without hurting yourself. Hence why people with bad backs get great pain relief from strength training their core properly. However, doing crunches is really not the best way to strengthen your core. But realize that a core program can be short and you can still get maximum benefits because if you do a full-body program the right way you’ll be working your core the whole time. Before we end this article here’s a quick tip… During your day do your best to consciously hold your stomach in. Seriously… suck your stomach in and try to keep it tight. This will immediately create better posture and help you with some common pains, but it will also help your core get stronger.

Get Some Rest:

Finally, I wanted to talk about the un-fitness training program for women… that’s all about rest. In order to get really significant results as fast as you can you need to let your body rest. You’ve probably heard this before, but your body makes positive gains… not during your workout… but during your rest time. As you rest on an off day you body builds new muscle fiber and allows itself to repair from the previous workout. This is really important because if you don’t rest you put your body in severe trouble. Many women, maybe you, find yourself in a rush to get results and in that rush you workout too much and don’t let your body recover. This leads to overtraining and overtraining leads to: depression massive fatigue loss of muscle mass body fat retention loss of appetite poor sleep increased risk of injury and so much more. If your body can’t build itself back up and you keep tearing it down… then you’re in for a world of hurt.


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