Umbra Sports 026 Fitness Leggings. Butt-Lifting Workout Leggings for Women.

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We love sportswear for women that accentuate and emphasize that all leg shapes are attractive and enhance the femininity of your body! There’s just something about the thigh-high sock style leggings that re-balance your body and embrace your curves and feminine side. ⁠This fantastic leggings feature white color with black polka dots on thigh area, pink high sock detail stripes and black color legs (as shown in the picture).

These leggings are manufactured with a unique ruched feature across the back seam. It flatters your rear pushing it up and defining your figure. So, if you’re looking to sculpt your bum, our butt-lifting workout leggings will make you more comfortable to exercise in the gym. In addition to that, they provide a little bit of instant gratification when you happen to catch yourself in the mirror.

These sportswear for women sculp your body, the high-waist will keep your tummy in shape and will make your waist appear smaller and really create a nice hourglass effect. Also, the area of the leggings that stretches across your bum enhance the roundness of your bottom.

Amazing features:

These stunning workout leggings bring out your unique personality combining a fashionable design with a playful mixture of textures and fabrics. They flatter your curves in addition to flatter your body. This pant screams fashion but with function and versatility. Solid black color with a dramatic paneling design (as shown in the picture). Furthermore the wide waistband keeps you locked in while the supportive performance fabric sculpts and contours. This leggings are unique and super comfortable!

Amazing look with great breathability. These workout leggings for women will keep you cool and comfortable. They are easy-to-move and designed with athletic range-of-motion in mind but its sweat-wicking features are outstanding.

Insanely comfortable and stylish legging pant, suitable for any fitness activity. Fabulous athleisure look!

This legging is perfect for any time of the day: gym, fitness walking, jogging, running, yoga, pilates or relaxing at home. Look and feel sexy!!

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